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Step-By-Step With John Amico

Step-By-Step Success With John Amico

The John Amico Professional Hair care opportunity is a life changer for many hair pros.

We like to call our brand and its program the best kept secret of the beauty industry. I am working hard to make it less of a secret and more of a success tool for many more professionals.

Once a salon or barber pro becomes aware of John Amico and our program they have a lot of questions. How does it work? What do I do next? How can you help me?

I have crafted this post to simplify the steps from awareness to revenue.

Follow these simple steps. Reach out to me for help at any time and at any step in your journey. My job is to help YOU leverage all our tools and opportunities for your hopes, dreams and future.

Ready? Set? Grow!

1. Awareness – You have become aware of the John Amico brand and are curious and excited to learn more. Action - Reach out to me for a conversation. Cell 224.234.4987 email

2. Interest – You want to know more. Action - Join my Team facebook group at the link here. Read, follow and join in on the conversation.

3. Curiosity – You want to know more Action - Send me a text 224.234.4987 and ask me to send you the John Amico phone app. Explore the app.

4. Discovery – Order a discovery kit. There is a general kit and a men’s kit. Either is $99. Both contain an assortment of products. Action – Order your kit at the link here.

5. Exploration – Rip open the box and get into the products in your discovery kit. Action – Learn about the products. Find some favorites. Use them on clients.

6. Inventory – Choose which products you wish to begin to use and offer in your shop. Action – Place an order with John Amcio for wholesale goods for retailing. Email your order to or call 1,800.676.5264

7. Sharing – Customize your John Amico phone app for salon use. Action - Share your John Amico app with clients to encourage in app shopping.

8. Post – Post your John Amico web site link in your social spaces and in emailings, etc with clients. Action – Get busy leveraging the John Amico system.

9. Sell – Start using, recommending and selling John Amico professional Products. Action – Make sales and make money while making clients look great, feel wonderful and fall in love with you and the brand.

10. Invite – Invite a salon professional friend or associate to get involved with John Amcio Professional. Action – Introduce them to me and the program and let then begin their own journey.

These are the simple steps to success and profitability with the John Amico Professional hair care brand. Start your journey today and let me help you make it happen.

step-by-step with John Amico

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