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Taking Take-Home to the Next level

You have worked to develop a habit of hair care. You use and recommend hair care product to clients on a consistent basis Now you want to take your retailing to the next level.

Selling some is good. Selling more is better. My John Amico brand with commissions and rebates is a powerful way to build a revenue stream for long term wealth and financial security. You want that.

Here are a few tips to help you build a retailing program that delivers big returns.

1. Is One Enough?

Any time anyone ever buys anything ask this simple question. Is one enough? Never in the history of sales has anyone refused the first purchase when a second one was offered. In nearly all cases when a product is sold and the “Is One Enough?” question is asked the reply from the customer will result in increased sales.

No. I need another one for my gym bag.

No. I need another one for the boat.

Yes, but do you have it bigger?

Yes, but do you have a travel size one, too?

In every case, with every response sales go up.

Keep the buying rolling. Buying feels good, like sex and chocolate. Keep the good feelings flowing with more products.

2. Do you want fries with that?

Every item has a related item. Offer the related item to every client who ever purchases anything. Every shampoo has a matching conditioner. Every styling product needs to be shampooed out. Every purchase has a related item that can go with it.

McDonalds built their business on this because it works. We know it as a line of pop culture because it works. Make it a fun game to find the pairs and the match-ups that make sense for different clients and different hair types.

3. Sell Systems

One of the key features of my John Amico professional hair care brand is that we are a line of lines. We have a lot of product. Our products are broken out into systems and ‘lines within the line”, so to speak.

This program of mini brands within our JA umbrella makes us a purveyor of customized systems and solutions for any and many hair types and hair care challenges. Sell these systems as solutions. Sell these systems as complete care programs.

Men’s hair, curly hair, color treated hair, thin and fine hair are just some examples of the systems we offer. We are a very reasonable priced brand so selling systems does not have the sticker shock that challenge pricier brands. Have pre-set bundles of these systems. Have package prices that combine the pieces into one easy price. Use this bundling to tinker with your profit margins so everyone wins.

Take your take-home business from wherever it is to greater levels of volume and profit with simple techniques like these. Make it a game. Make it fun. Make it lucrative.

I am happy to help.

- Ivan

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