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The 500 Business Card Challenge, Revisited Crawl, Walk, Jog, Run, Sprint

The 500 Business Card Challenge, Revisited

Crawl, Walk, Jog, Run, Sprint

I have written much and spoke often of my 500 Business Card Challenge.

It is the idea of passing out 500 business cards to strangers in one month and the powerful impact this will have on your business the following month. Many people have taken the challenge and, win or lose they have enjoyed a ton of new business.

I have always felt there are some people who either don’t take the challenge thinking the 17 cards per day every day for 30 days is too daunting… or who start and quit after just a day or two when they feel they have quickly fallen behind on the numbers.

I am offering up an adapted version of the challenge.

Think of it as the crawl, walk, jog, run, sprint version of the challenge.

Month one seek to pass 100 business cards, just 3 per day.

Month two seek to pass 200 cards, just 7 per day.

Month three seek to pass 300 cards, just 10 per day.

Month four seek to pass 400 cards, just 13 per day.

Month five seek to pass 500 cards, all 17 per day.

Working your way up like this lets you develop and hone your card passing skills at a nice pace. If you find your groove sooner you can step up your numbers. The pressure is a bit lighter. The goal is easier to hit. Small wins build confidence and will lead to big wins down the road.

Take the challenge at any level that feels right for you. Increase the monthly number form wherever you start.

Enjoy a lot of new business acquired on the cheap and easy.

Message me for help at any point in the challenge.

I am here to help you.

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