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Feed The Birds

Feed The Birds

Many haircutters live and work in areas with seasonal client traffic.

All across the sunbelt Northerners seek warmth as they escape the winter. The beauty of Alaska and the Rocky Mountains attract summer seasonal residents. College towns all over America swell with tens of thousands of students during the school year who vanish promptly after spring finals.

Haircutters work to build a powerful seasonal base along with what local business they can serve.

The powerful John Amico Hair Care phone app is an unprecedented tool in its power to help a haircutter do business with clients all year and wherever they may live, vacation or flee.

When a snowbird flies north for the summer they take their phone and their hair with them. They also take their need for the products they know and love. Be sure EVERY client has your app and knows how to use it. Be sure clients know how the share function works so they can be introducing their friends and family at their other home to your products and hair solutions.

The leveraging of a phone based business tool coupled with the power of peer recommendation presents John Amico members with business building capabilities we could never have imagined just a few years ago.

It is intoxicating to imagine the possibilities when we remember that every haircut client everywhere is buying and using hair care products. It becomes dizzying and exhilarating to realize any client, anywhere can be buying from YOU!

Start feeding your app to your snowbirds. Start reaping the benefits of the power of the app.

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