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Do you have a go-to sku?

The go-to sku

Every haircutter and salon pro needs a go-to-sku. A go to sku is that one item that you KNOW any client, every client can and should buy. It is that one item that fits a wide range of clients needs. Literally everyone you serve might/could/can/should use this broad application product.

You should know your go-to sku very well. You should also use this item yourself on a daily basis… either on your own hair or at least use it on your clients as a part of service delivery.

The idea of a go-to sku is that you can suggest it to every client. It is also your backup suggestion when there is no specific need revealed in the client visit.

Example – If a client has a chemical service a conditioner recommendation is an easy slam dunk. The need is obvious and the suggestion is a natural. If a client goes short and spikey for a new haircut look a firm hold gel just makes plain sense. Kind of a “duh” thing.

When we do not have a natural or obvious suggestion opportunity we go to our go-to sku. We pull that easy rabbit out of our hat so we have product to talk about and a sale that is a cinch to make.

Be sure to have lot of your go-to sku on hand as it is likely to be your single best-selling item. Be sure to know the item stone cold. Be sure to be very comfortable talking about it and asking for the sale.

I cut part time in a barbershop. I mostly cut guys. My go to sku is the John Amico M men’s daily shampoo. Every guy can and should use this product. It is an easy slee discussion. It is a relatively low-cost item… another key element in making a good go-to choice.

What is your go-to sku and why?

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