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The Customer Service Triangle

You can pick any two.

You cannot have all three.

This can help you focus your marketing.

This can help you define your brand.




Key elements we seek to deliver for our customers.

If you want it fast and good it will not be cheap.

If you want it fast and cheap it will not be good.

If you want it cheap and good it will not be fast.

A business will get into trouble trying to be all three.

What is important to your customers?

What is important to you?

What is your position in the marketplace?

Can you be any two at different times for different customers?

Can you alter your delivery, price or quality under different circumstances for customers with different needs?

Which two do you pick as a customer?

Which two do you pick as a business?

Are you in a business where you can sometimes provide all three?

Is there an "alchemy" where you can do all three?

Use the link here to view the class video for the week on this topic, too.

Let's discuss.

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