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The Supercuts Comb

Did you work for supercuts?

I did.

I loved working there.

I learned a lot.

The Supercuts system uses big combs and small scissors.

I loved cutting this way.

Their system makes cutting hair fast and easy. It eliminates common errors and improves accuracy and efficiency.

I used some elements of the Supercuts system when I broike the Guinness world haircutting records in 1998 and again in 2008.

When I first worked at Supercuts they were still using the original comb on which their stsyem was built. This was the hard rubber Champion #28. I still have a few of these in my comb colledtion. They have become very expensive and frankly, in the USA, hard to find.

While I was working there Supercuts introduced their own comb.

It was a domestically sourced Champion #28 knock-off, so to speak... But slightly different.

There was much push-back from many Supercuts employees at the beginning. We loved our Champion #28 combs. Very quickly we all fell in love with the new comb.

Today when people move on from working at Supercuts they take combs with them. They also seek out more of them later on as they, quite literally, cannot cut hair without that comb.

It took me some years to identify the source of the authentic Supercuts comb.

Once I found it I had them made with my imprint and started offering it on my web site. It is one of the most popular combs that I offer. Many orders for this comb are for a dozen or more.

Haircut pros who know simply love cutting hair with this comb.

Supercuts uses the comb in a distinctive, medium blue, corporate branded color. Of course, this color is not available to me to offer so my version is the exact same comb Same size, shape, weight, balance, material, etc. but in a slighty darker blue. The shade of blue is the only difference in the combs.

The images below capture some of the details of this comb's rich history.

See my short scissors... the Feather Switchbaldes that were recommended by the chain and super popular inthe 1980s and 1990s.

The evolution of the combs, from the Champion to the version I offer is shown.

The top comb si the Champion #28. The next one down is a plastic knock off that is a very cloise match. Next is the corporate Supercuts comb. and finally the bottom one is my exact match of the Corporate version.

Want some of my Supercuts combs for yourself? Use the LNK HERE to order today.

Note: some of the combs show the imprint. I have switched them to my imprint. Both web addresses are the same web site.

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