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Take Me Home With You

Please Take Me Home With You

Many haircutters take great pride in the client comment, “I wish I could take you home with me to do my hair”.

A powerful compliment to your professional hair skills, but, sadly a terrible reflection on your sales failure.

A client who says this lacks the confidence and belief that they can do their hair like you do. They do not think they can get the results you are able to achieve for them.

We all know that one of the keys to great hair is the right hair care product. We all know that we know what to use and how to use it. We all know how to get the results we are after and that the client has come to love us for.

The John Amico phone app is the new and best way for clients to literally “take your haircutter home”. Use and recommend the proper John Amico hair acre products for your client at their visit. Be sure to share the app with every client that sits in your chair. Take the few moments to show them how to use the app and, of course, how to share the app.

When the right products and the app go home with a client you have made the trip to their house and into their life. Sales, success and sharing are sure to follow.

Text me today at 22.234.4987. Ask for the app. I will text it back to you. Look it over. Poke around. learn about what it has to offer. Then I will help you get your own version of the app... FREE!

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