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Take Home A Guy

Take Home A Guy

When it comes to using, suggesting and recommending take-home hair care product the guy game is a bit different. June is men’s hair month at John Amico Professional Hair Care. Here are my top 5 tips for winning with retail sales to guys.

1. Sell the system – Guys are simple Guys like systems. A 3-step home care system like “wash, condition and style” or a shave system like “cleanse, shave and moisturize” makes sense to guys and makes purchasing simple. Sell in sets and systems. It is actually easier to ring bigger retail tickets with guys buying sets.

2. Go bigger – Guys are buyers, women are tryers. Women will ask, “Do you have a little one I can try?”. Guys will ask “Do you have it bigger so I do not run out?” Stock and recommend bigger sizes to guys. They will play along. They buy in to the idea that the bigger you buy the cheaper it is (per ounce).

3. Change the ask – We can be our own worst enemy in saying the wrong thing to guys to ask about take-home. Stop asking “do you want me to put some gel in your hair?” Know that men will take a shower within 45 minutes of the end of a haircut. Instead offer “I know you are taking a shower right when you get home. Let’s put this gel in so you can see how it will look.” A guy who experiences a product through use, sight, smell and finish is many times more likely to go through with a purchase. Make that upcoming shower work for you not against you. Guys get their hair done they go in. Women get their hair done they go out. Know the difference in how genders use our services and use that info to leverage your approach.

4. Build it in – No client is more perfectly suited to building product into service prices then your guy clients. Guys are loyal and appreciate a quality service experience. It is easy to find ways to deliver a service with higher perceived value and to then charge more. Adding a cool towel refresher to begin a service and a warm towel finish adds class and value. Add $10 to the haircut price and toss a bottle of shampoo in for FREE. The shampoo might have sold for $8 on its own. You are $$$ ahead. Warm lather and a blade to finish the neckline adds quality and professionalism to your experience. That is worth more, too. Include the take-home shave cream with the inhanced experience at a higher price.

5. Layer in the high tech – Guys love things like online booking, text appointment reminders, app-based product re-ordering and consultation image galleries. Implement all these types of tech to engage with guys before, during and after a haircut. Use these tools to sell more stuff.

Here are the top 5 things you need to know about John Amico for men this June. Get in on the opportunity. Get busy building business.

1. The M brand is a modern and marketable line for your guys. The newer beard oil is right on trend. The fragrances is now offered in updated packaging. The shave cream is a winner with every client (even the ladies).

2. The ClipperGuy line is a 3-item fun styling choice for clipper haircuts. There is a shiny a neutral and a matte item. There is a light hold, medium and a firm hold item. All can be intermixed for countless fresh styling possibilities.

3. Specialty items like Mediclear shampoo, Tea Tree shampoo and Bio-Vita-Tin provide custom solutions for client needs. All three show high levels of client enthusiasm and repeat sales. Once a guy falls in love with these items you will be doing business for some time.

4. The Comeback 3-piece set is an easy sell for clients seeking healthy scalp and optimal hair growth support. Sell it as a system for high levels of client satisfaction and solid sales. (again, a great cross-over item for the ladies).

5. Get the app. The new John Amico Pro phone app is a powerful tool we have added to our arsenal and support system. The app makes engaging and selling fun and easy. The app encourages peer-to-peer suggestion and recommendation, too. Send me a text at 224.234.4987 to get a copy of the app to play and learn about how it can change the guy haircut game for you. You can have the new app for FREE for 1 year with the purchase of a $99 Men’s discovery kit. The kit is an over $200.00 value in a cross brand sampling of the John Amico Guys hair experience. Email me at for a link for YOUR discovery kit.

I will be your John Amico team leader to help you build your business with the brand.

Lets get started.

sell more hair care to guys
Take home a guy

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