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July 1 Is Raise Your Haircut Prices Day In The USA

I started this campaign about 10 years ago. I am still talking about it. Every year. All year.

I talk about it a lot in the three months leading up to July 1.

July 1 is the BEST day to raise your haircut price.

January 1 – ppl are tapped out from the holidays

April 1 - tax time

May 1 – Wedding season

August 1 – School is looming

September 1 – Back to school

November 1 – Gouging before the holidays

December 1 – In the holiday season

We can make up an excuse any time of the year.

July has advantages. People are busy. People are on vacation.

Here are my top 5 tips for implementing a July 1 haircut price increase.

1. Just do it – No notice. No planning. No warning. Just unlock the door on July 1 at the new prices.

2. No excuses – Do not blame the landlord, the electric company, the economy or any other outside factors. You are good. People like you and your work. It is time to get paid more for it. There is really no reason to even discuss it.

3. Go up 10% - If you go up 10% every year on July 1 for 2 years in a row the 3rd year people will ASK for the new price. They have been quickly trained to expect the bump up.

4. No grandfathering – Do not hold any clients back at old prices. You can’t remember who and how much and you will resent ppl playing less once others happily pay more.

5. Just do it - If you miss July 1, July 2 will work well, too. (so will any other day really.

Please message me if you have questions, challenges or issues. Haircuts are waaaaay toooooo cheap relative to all the other things in the world we buy and enjoy.

You need this. We all need this. Do it!

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