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MLM Ready to sell checklist?

Are you ready to sell? Or are you ready to sell and making excuses and finding reasons not to get out there in front of prospects and present?

Many MLM-ers or prospective MLM-ers, ‘cuz you are not a MLM-er unless you have sold some levels… are really good at coming up reasons NOT to hit the street and present to prospects.

Her is my checklist.

Go through it.

Check these items off.

If you can check them all you are ready to sell.

No more excuses.

No more telling yourself stories about other things you need and why you are not ready yet.

You are ready. NOW go out there and sell.

1. Do you have the burning desire to succeed? Can you not live another day at the life and level that you are at? Do you want more? So badly that you will do anything you can and some things you can’t to have MORE? Check that box and move on.

2. Do you have goals? Specific? Measurable. Achievable? Realistic (or not)? Timebound? Got goals? Check that box and move on.

3. Do you have a basic understanding of the top selling products that your brand offers? Notice I did NOT ask if you have deep, killer product knowledge. You will build that over time. To get started you just need a little bit of PK. And a little bit is enough to start. More will come as you present more and learn more. Got some little bit of PK? Check that box and move on.

4. Do you have a general understanding of your company’s compensation plan? You need not know the fine details and nitty gritty. Again, you will learn that over time. You just need a basic idea of what you must do to make money flow to you. Check that box and move on.

5. Do you have a few hard tools? Do you have a business card? Do you have a leave-behind piece of promotional material? Do you have an application to sign up a new member? MLM-ers get caught up in building support stuff. Got the basics? Check that box and hit the street.

You can read too many books. You can watch too many coaching videos. You can offer up too many excuses… or… You can go out and sell. MLM-ers sell. MLM-ers sell every day. MLM-ers close more often when they sell more often. If you are not closing enough it is likely because you are not presenting enough.

Jeffrey Gitomer says “Kick your own ass!”. Gary Vaynerchuck says “Work harder!”. Shaun T says “Dig deeper!”. Ivan Zoot says “It can’t not work if you put in the work!”.

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