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How to Waste a Walk-in.

A blog post inspired by a facebook comment from Alsmillions, a friend and one smart guy.

How to Waste a Walk-In

A walk-in haircut client is the wish of every haircutter looking to build business.

Just one walk-in haircut client is all it takes to build a career. Do not waste it.

If you leverage just one walk-in haircut client you can build a full business.

How come so many haircutters get so many walk-ins yet are still looking at a light book and slow weeks?

How come so many haircutters have so many walk-in clients yet have so little business to show for it?

It is pretty simple.

Haircutters waste walk-ins.

Squander just one walk-in and you are left with a gaping hole in your future.

Let’s take a look at my top tips for how to waste a walk-in.

1. Do not deliver a killer haircut experience. Anything less than a 1,000% raving fan experience and your walk-in will walk out and for their next haircut they will walk in someplace else.

2. Do not ask for add on sales. Take that walk-in and give them just the haircut that they asked for. No need to go above and beyond. No need for them to ever come back, either.

3. Do not use and suggest take-home hair care product. They buy that stuff somewhere else. They will buy their next haircut somewhere else, too.

4. Do not ask them to rebook that next haircut with you before they leave. Why would anyone want to come back a second time?

5. Do not ask for referrals of their friends and family. They have no reason to come back to you why would their friends want to come to you either?

Congratulations. You just wasted a walk-in.

Perhaps if you are lucky you might get another walk-in.

Then again, maybe not.

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