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Haircut Prices Up 2021 – The Once In A Career Opportunity

July 1 is Raise your Haircut prices day in the USA every year.

This year is different.

We have an opportunity.

Less client resistance to a price increase than at any other time in haircut history. Clients get it.

Clients understand.

Clients expect he price to go up.

So not is the time to get it right.

To decide what and who you want to be.

To decide to do more, be more, give more and ASK for more, a LOT more.

The standard price increase that I have always advocated has been 10%.

This year you get a covid-induced FREE pas on the increase.

Take your opportunity and run with it.

Pick your market. Pick your client sweet spot. Pull the trigger.

Start fresh.

Yes. You will lose some clients. You will lose some with every price increase. I hope you do. But this time is different. This time the game has changed in ways that it has not before and we all hope and pray we will never see again.

But… We would be fools to let this powerful, unique opportunity slip by without making the most of it.

Listen to this week’s podcast at the LINK HERE. I dig deeper on the topic and share my thoughts in a more broken-down way.

This can be a BIG FIX for you and your business.

Like any once-in-a-career opportunity… do not let this one pass you up.

Covid-19 has changed the marketplace.

20% of operators will drop from the business by the time we are past this.

20% of the shops and salons will close, too.

NOW is the time to start the conversations.

NOW is the time to reach out for help.

NOW is the time to get a copy of my new for 2021 Professional haircutters Pricing playbook. LINK HERE for that.

Join my tribe at the link here, too. LINK.

How can I help you go up in 2021?



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