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On sale for June 2023 in preparation for the celebration of July 1 Raise Your Haircut Prices Day in The USA!


How much should I charge for my haircuts?

When should I raise my haircut price?

How do I raise my haircut price?


It is all in here... and much, much more.


In this new book I provide clear and actionable answers to these and all your crucial haircut pricing questions.


This unique workbook format lets you plug-and-play your pricing numbers, creating custom data and planning that is specific to your business. It is like having your own personal coaching session every time you pick up the book.


I am here to help you.

This book is your template guide.


This is the paper edition. Write directly in your own book!

Put it in your cart now!

Pro Haircutter's Pricing Playbook - On Paper

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