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Can We Talk?

My job is to help you build your business.

Do you want to raise your prices?

Do you want to build your technical skills?

Do you want to create wealth with a powerful take-home sales program?

Whatever your hair business goals and challenges are… I CAN help.

I can’t always be there. Miles and time zones may separate us, but, I CAN be on the phone.

My phone coaching program is one of the most powerful ways I can help.

It is also one of the most cost effective.

½ hour calls are offered in bundles of 2, 4, 8, or 12.

Calls can be combined for longer sessions as needed.

Calls are good for 365 days… so we have plenty of time to discuss, implement and coach you to your next level of success.

Your 1st call is always FREE.

The 1st call is for you and I to discuss what you wish to accomplish and for you to feel secure that I can REALLY help.

Then we get busy.

Reach out to me at to set up your FREE call. No obligation.

Then let’s get busy getting you busier and more successful and happier and prosperous, or whatever else you are seeking to accomplish.

Call bundles are as follows:

2 calls - $80 ($40 each)

4 calls - $140 ($35 each)

8 calls - $256 ($32 each)

12 calls - $348 ($27 each)

Buy a bundle, save a bunch.

Let’s talk.

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