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This is my most popular sale at shows and classes.

It is also my number 1 best selling item listing on this web site.

Buy a Zootcomb system w guards and add 1 more Zootcomb to your game.

2 combs and 1 set of guards and you are good to go.

You are ready for all men's haircutting adventures that await.

This is the zootcomb system with guard set.

Patented snap-on guide system.

Your men's hairutting multi-tool.

One comb for all your men's grooming needs.

Engineered to pair with your clipper, trimmer, scissor, blending scissor and razor.

Ideal for all hair types and textures.

Sets up for right or left handed haircutters.

THis zootcomb system is THE answer for fade clipper cuts and classic tapered clipper cuts.

Scissir-over-comb haircutting is easily mastered with the assistance of the unique, patented guard system.

Guards are numbered like clipper guards, just like you may be familiar with.

Clean, single piece design is easy to sanitize.

I have a complete playlist on youtube explaining and demonstratng all the comb's features and functions.

Save $3 when you buy as a combo.

Zootcomb System + 1 Xtra Zootcomb

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