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This is the Zoot Comb System.

Invented by me, Ivan Zoot.

So I named it "Zoot Comb".

Created for YOU.

Comes complete with three patented, snap-on hair cutting and tapering guards (guide combs).

You get a 2, a  3, a 4.  They snap right on the comb for precision clipper cutting.

The comb, alone, by itself, with no guard attached is equal to a number 1 guard.

The system improves your haircutting accuracy and efficiency.

You will create better tapered clipper or scissor haircuts immediately.

Master the art of the faded haircut with the power snd simplicity of this unique haircutting comb tool.

This is a great fade comb. An excellent clipper comb. Your 1 st choice as your preferred blending comb.

The unique, patented guard system is a game changer for men's haircuts.

Barbering will never be the ame for you.

Level up your guy haircut game with this amazing comb.

So many techniques of modern haircutting are posible with this tool.

Pick it up when a guy sits down for a cut. Do not put it down until he gives you the money!

Order yours right now.


Zoot Comb System with Guards

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