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This is the Zoot Comb!

Invented by me.

Designed by me.

Created for YOU!

This is your men's haircutting multi-tool.

1 comb does it all.

Over 18 different functions and unique design elements for high performance men's haircutting.

Watch the video to learn more.

Like a Swiss Army knife for men's grooming.

18 unique designed and engineered functions.

Grey color for visibility on any hair color.

Works with your clipper, trimmer, scissor, blending scissor, razor.

One comb does it all.

Improves haircut quality and haircut efficiency.

If you do not need the guard system... Ofr if you have the gaurd system and just want more combs... and really... who does not need more combs.

This is the zoot comb sold solo. No guards included.

Buying extra combs, solo makes sense.

Taper, Fade, Blend, Layer and more with this multi-function wonder of a pro haircut comb.

Zoot Comb

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