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An icon of the clipper haircut world.

This is the real deal Wahl clipper comb.

For many hair cut pros tis was their first comb included in the box with their very first Wahl clipper purchase.

Still a very popular comb choice.

Ideally suited for clipper cuts, fade haircuts and tapering work.

Well made.

Well balanced.

This is a 2-piece set.

You get two at this price.

Choose 2 black, 2 white or 1 of each.

Made in U.S.A.

Lifetime guarantee.


Easy to clean and sanitize.

Pop them into the barbicide jar to disinfect.

You will need a lot of these... Buy miltiples.

Great foir scissir cutting and all general haircutting, too.

Wahl Clipper Comb 2-pack

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