Clipper haircutting tool

Insist on the original.

This is the real deal, Brian Drum Flattopper.

The perfect flat top cutting tool.

Works with any clipper.

Works on all hair types, textures and lengths.


Great for more than just flattops.

It is an ideal clipper taper blending tool, too.

Blend sides to tops on clipper haircuts.

Great for crew cuts and military cuts.

Fast and easy to use.

Safe for less experienced haircutters.

Builds skill and confidence.


Medium beige color for ideal visibility on all hair colors.

See dark hair and lighter hair easily for perfect tapers, cuts and blending.

One piece.

Easy to use.

Easy to clean and sanitize.


I have tons of FREE how-to videos on my Youtube channel.


Do not accept cheap imitations or knock-offs.

This is the real deal.

The Original Flattopper

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$24.00Sale Price