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There is no school like old school.

This IS old school barbering at it's finest.

Plus!!! +++ Now available in WHITE!

Never before available in WHITE!

Your Grampa's Grampa cut with one of these.

These are still HUGELY popular today with all barbers and men's haircutters.

Narrow teper.

Fine teeth.

Rolled spine for tapering movement.

Nice flex for tight spaces and places.

Ideal for all fine edge tapered work.

How can you NOT have one (or 12) of these?

For over 100 years these were only available in classic black.

I have addressed that by offering these in crispy white for better visibility on darker hair.

This is a 4 pack.

Choose 4 black, 4 NEW white or the 2=2 mixed pack, 2 black and 2 white.

You get 4 at this price.

Easy to clean, sanitize and disinfect with Barbicide.

Made in U.S.A.

Lifetime guarantee.


Classic Barber Taper Comb 4-pack

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