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Could there be a better way to get started as a barber or men's haircutter?


Just add a client.

This is the barber starter pack.

These are the tools you need to get busy.

Match the comb to the cutting tool.

You get the following:

Euro clipper comb.

This comb has the handle style grip for control and the wavy tooth design for staggering hair for better, easier, faster, smoother clipper haircut blending.

Square spine, space tooth cutting comb for scissor and blending scissor work.

Fine teeth for control.

Wide teeth for less tesion on the hair and improved hair flow for natural styles.

Classic barber taper comb in white for trimmer and edjer detail work.

YOu cannot cut what you cannot see.

You also get a hair gripper clip and a clipper cleaning/fade brush.

Save over 10%.

Save $2.50 when purchased as a bundle instead of separately.


The Barber Starter Bundle

$22.50 Regular Price
$20.00Sale Price
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