Razor nicks or scratches?

To the rescue with styptic matches!

There are single-use and sanitary, throw-away mini styptic "pencils".

Just rip one out. Wet it with water and tap it on a nick or scratch. Bleeding stpos immediately. Just toss it in your sharps bin.





Styptic pencils are contaminated.

Powders are sloppy.

Liquids are messy.

These are cheap, simple and clean.

Safe and easy to use.

Great for in-shop use.

Clients will be impresed and happy that you are looking out for their safety and sanitation

Excellent as a take-home sales item in the shop, too.

This is a 3-pack.

At this price you are getting 3 each 20 ct books.


There is also a single-pack option on the right. This is one 20-ct pack for personal use.


There is also a 24 count retailing box option. This is for barberahop and salon retail selling.

Put this tray on your front desk and watch them fly away! Clients love these for home use.

Styptic Matchbooks