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New for 2024.

Taking Pre-orders now.

Pre-orders will ship on April 23, 2024.

There is a BONUS gift included with the first 100 pre-orders. Info below.

Ivan Says... Practical Advice for Barbers and Cosmetologists in Bite-Sized Bullets.

This is a HUGE collection, 506 to be exact, of my best mike-drop moments.

These are the golden nuggets of a 35 year career dedicated to helping haircut professionals build their business.

Read one. Read them all. Read them over and over again.

Share them with your co-workers.

Debate them in your shop meetings.

Get a leg up on your business building efforts today.


124 pages.

Printed in USA.

Bonus gift for the first 100 book pre-orders... a Made-in-USA, 3-piece pro haircutting comb set will be included with your book pre-order.

Ivan Says... The Book

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