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This is a quick and easy, 19-point haircut secret shopper evaluation.

Use it to assess the client experience through a secret shopper.

Gain powerful insights about your business that can only come from the objectivity of a client's perspective.

Improve your business by using this feeback to be better, do better and grow better.

The cost of this document is low.

The value of the information you will gain is priceless.

Combine this information with my 1on1 coaching or my $100,000 Haircutter academy support to accellerate your growth.

I am here to help you.



This is a pdf file document download.

You will receive this as an attachment in an email.

The file download link is good for 30 days.

Please download it within 30 days so you can have it forever.

If it expires, just reach out and I will resend it to you. No worries.

Haircut Secret Shopper Evaluation

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