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Employee Handbook and Operations Manual Template Kit


This is my employee handbook and operations manual template kit.


This CAN be your employee manual and employee handbook for your shop or salon.


The promise:

Imagine having a comprehensive road map to build and manage your business. Imagine having the systems, rules and policies laid out in easy-to-understand language.

It would take you several years and hundreds of hours of writing and edits. It would take you thousands of dollars for lawyers and legal counsel.

I have done all of that for you. I have used my 33+ years of beauty and barber industry management and experience. I have applied all I know from managing my 1,200 sq ft shop. I had 8 chairs and 24 professional haircutters working in my business. We did $1,400,000 in annual sales at a time when haircuts were $14 each. My teal all earned wages about the national averages, too.


The Materials:

This template kit will help you achieve all of the above and even more.

The complete package comes to you as an editable computer file. This is a complete, turn-key business. You will customize the document to your specific business.

It will take you a few hours to review the complete document. You will insert your shop name and the specific, unique elements of your business. You have the ability to add and delete and make it truly your own.

This is YOUR business. Now you have YOUR supporting documents and systems.

Everything you need is included.


The Support:

You get the working document and all the supporting reference materials.

The document is color coded. It is set up to easily be made uniquely your own. It even has margin notes to coach you along the way.

You get access to me for coaching as you adapt the package to be customized for your business. You will have my personal phone number and email address.

The materials are yours forever. You own what you build from the template kit.


The Investment:

This is all yours for just $1,855.00

Upon receipt of your payment you will be sent the files in an email. An additional set of files is available to you on a USB jump drive for storage security. It is recommended that you keep one copy of the files unedited as a clean original back-up. Make copies of the files to use to edit to create your custom documents.


I look forward to working with you.

Employee Handbook and Operations Manual Template Kit

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