Cut-Down, modified Falttopper


This is a standard, classic Flattopper with custom modification.

The handle has been cut off.

Removing the handle provides more flexibility in working around the head when the Falttopper is used as a clipper haircut blending tool.

The shoulder no longer presents and issue with the tool's handle.

You can clear the shoulder and blend easily and quickly anywhere on the head.

The cutting seam has been smoothed and nicely finished so as to be comfortable and look clean and neat.

The severed handle is included in the package as a nice souvenir.

There is no extra charge for this custom modification.

Watch the video (coing soon) for details on why this neat-o cool modifiaction is a hit with haircutters.

Order 2 today.

One in your hand, one in your sanitizer.

Go for it.


Cut-Down Custom Flattopper

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$24.00Sale Price