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The perfect little clipper cleaning brush.

The perfct little fade brush.

Multi-use brush.

A must-have barber tool.

Nylon bristles are soft, will not damage clipper teeth.

Soft fade brush bristles are gentle on the scalp and will not harm hair.

Fully sanitizable.

Slim bristles fit between very close teeth cor complete cleaning.

Soft bristles sweep away hair for the perfect clipper fade haircut.

Sanitize with soap and water and disinfect in barbicide.

Safe and clean.

Protect your tools, your busienss and your reputation.

Crisp white for sanitary purposes.

They look clean.

Looking clean is important to clients.

Tuxedo balck color.

This is a 2-pack.

You get 2 at this price.

Also available in firm bristle white color.


Clipper Cleaning and Fade Brush

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