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This is classic tapering.

This is classic men's haircutting.

This is a lassic clipper comb

Perfect for cipper-over-comb cutting.

Ideal for flattop cutting.

Left or right hand.

Perfect contrast.

Dark hair, light combs.

Light hair, dark comb.

The Andis clipper company has made THIS their clipper comb.

This is the comb most closely related to that clipper brand.

When I worked for Andis (for a lot of yers) I sold a TON of this comb.

Choose color below.

1 piece.

Fully sanitizable.

Easy to clean.

Hard to break.

Made of durable plastic.

Smooth, seamless finish.

Works with any hair clipper.

This is a 2-pack. You get 2 at this price.

Choose white, balck or 1 of each.

Classic Clipper Comb 2-pack

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