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'57 Chevy...

Levis blue jeans...

Fender Stratocaster...

Oster 76...

We know a classic when we see one.

This is a modern version of a long-loved barber classic made custom for me for my ClipperGuy collection.

This is a classic 6.5" barber blender.

Perfect for classic barber blending and bulk reduction in haircutting application.

46 teeth.

Fixed finger rest.

Straight screw tension adjustment.

With a few game changer updates...

Stainless steel constuction.

Improved bumper design.

Includes case.

Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

Follow the numbers in the image to learn about the key features.

1. stainless steel construction for long life and a great edge

2. 46 tooth design for perfect belnding and bulk reduction

3. precision finished for flawless long life operation

4. slotted pivot screw for easy blade tension adjustment

5. classic design like your grandpa swears by

6. fixed finger rest for proper alignment

7. 6.5" design for optimum performance

Compare at over $250.00

You will love this tool.

Your kids will inherit this tool many, many years down the road.

It is that good.

It will still be going strong.

That is how classics work.

ClipperGuy Classic Barber Blender

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