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Special offer.

Only 20 of these bundles are available.

2-book combo pack w FREE comb set bonus.

Big Busy Barbershop and 

Bigger Busy Barbershop books.

Year one and year two.

Weeks 1 thru 52 and weeks 53 thru 104.

One great marketing idea every week for two years to buuild business in your barbershop or hair salon.

Consult the books weekly to get going and get growing.

FREE comb set bonus...

Set includes...

4-pack Choose your weapon set.

Black and white classic clipper comb, 1 each.

The smooth finish detailing comb and

My favorite low tension scissor and razor comb.


Limited offer. Only 20 bundles available.

Big/Bigger Busy Barbershop Book Pair w FREE Comb Set

$39.99 Regular Price
$34.94Sale Price
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