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Way back in the very early 1990s American Crew debuted their haircutting system.

The brand featured a 3-comb cutting system with a large size comb for clipper work, a long cutting comb for scissor work and a classic taper comb for finishing and detailing haircuts.

Cerw no longer markets the set, but it was very popular and well loved by many who used some or all of their cutting techniques and system in their men's grooming work.

I have recreated the set with a 3-comb set that is a great match to the originals.

The Crew system can be perfectly executed using these combs.

You get 1 of each of the three in this set.

Note.... The large comb is a very dark blue color. The long cutting comb is carbon and the small tapering is a made-in-USA classic in Bright black. No. The combs are not matching in color... we were more comcerned with their intended function and performance.

AC Cutting System Set - 3 piece

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