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The ultimate 5 piece pro haircutting comb set.

The tools of the trade you need for all haircutting situations.

You get 5 combs.

This is a great way to explore comb differences and applications.

If yoiu are a comb nerd like me... and what pro haircutter is not... you will have a balst expolring this set.

Jump start your love affair with combs and haircuts.

#1 The square spine cutting comb - Ideal for general cutting. Excellent for scissor-over-comb cutting with it's straight, square spine. This is the first comb I fell in love with after beauty school as an apprentice to a senior haircutter who bought these by the dozen.

#2 The curved spine heavy duty cutting comb - Ideal for longer hair, thicker hair and when a larger comb is preferred.

#3 - The low profile cutting comb. Perfect for precision hair cutting, short hair, fine hair and when maximum control is needed. If you love sectioning, parting and building amazing technical haircuts, this is your go-to comb. Classic. Just the right size, shape, weight, balance, etc.

#4 The wide tooth low tension cutting comb. Great for razor cutting and blending scissor work when finer teeth put too much pressure and tension on the hair.

$5 The classic barber taper comb - Ideal for all the short, tight, close edge work that is such a big part of classic barbering.

Easily sanitizable and disinfectable.


Lifetime guarantee.

Made in the U.S.A


These is a HUGE discount on this comb combo so as to encourage you jump at the chance to try them all.


5 pc Pro Haircut Set

$25.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
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