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This is the NEW edition of the 100x100 book.

The book has been specifically adapted for .employees.

If you are an employee or if you have employees this is the version of the book for you and your team.

The other version, entrepreneur edition, is for owners and managers, suite renters and chair renters.

The difference is in the perspective on "house rules" versus being the boss.

Do you want more haircut clients?

Do you want more haircut business?

This is the book for you to make those wants happen.

This is the book on Paper.

Any day can be day 1.

100 days from your day one... 100 new haircut clients, guaranteed.

This is a day-by-day, step-by-step system to success in building haircut clientelle.

I will coach you through the process.

Let's get started.

100X100 Employee Edition, On Paper

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