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This is it.

This is the title you want.

This is your next 100 clients... guaranteed.

This is my step-by-step guide to earning your next 100 haircut clients (works for other services like nails, color, massage, tattoos, too.)

Buy the book today.

Get started today.

100 days from now you will be a LOT busier.


Choose your edition...

The entrepreneur edition for business owners, chair renters, suite renters ... when you are the boss.

The Employee edition is for when you are an employee or have and support employees.

Either way you are responsible for your success... Pick the version of the book that fits your current situation.

When you own the business and call the shots you make the rules.

When you are an employee... you are still responsible for your success... But you must respect the house rules.

So... 2 versions of this book so you can play right and win in any form of employment or business in the haircut business.

100 X 100 Entrepreneur Edition - On Paper

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