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New for 2023.

Just added to the Ivan Zoot Bookstore.

The original version of 100x100, 100 New Haircut Clients in 100 Days, Guaranteed has been a best seller.

Many haircut professionals have built amazing new clientelle with the day-by-day, step-by-step format of this powerful program.

This version is specifically written for employees.

The first version is forcused hesvily on an entreprenurial mindset. If you own the business... Buy that version. Things are a bit different when you do not own the place. You still want to think like and owner and act like an owner where your personal business is concerned. But you have to operate respectful of ownership and management.

You know you want to take control of your business and your chair. You know you control your own destiny.

This is the book for you.

Pick any day.

Any day can be day one.

100 days later you will have blown up your chair and blown away your prior level of haircut traffic.

Buy the book and get started.

This is the digital pdf version of the book.

You will be sent, automatically, electronically an email with the file download.

Open it on your phone or tablet or computer.

Start building your business today.

There is no reason to wait for the mailman!


100 X 100 Chain Salon - Digital Edition

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