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Hiring is tricky.

Hiring can be expensive.

Hiring the wrong person can cost even more.

The key... Better interviews.

Better interivews are built on better questions.

Here are 10 really excellent hair and beauty indusrty job interview questions that will help you make your best hiring decisions.

And... I have also included 10 great follow-up questions for each one. You can dig a bit deeper and learn a bit more before making a big decision.

Use these in your next interview.

Hire better.

Build more business.


If you are seeking your next great job you will benefit from these questions as well.

These are great to know before you sit down for an interview.

Be prepared for great questions.

Have great answers.


You can purchase this download pdf here for just a few dollars... or you can have it for FREE in the resource library when you join my $100,000 Haircutter academy. Visit to learn more about my academy.





10 Revealing Interview Questions

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