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You Have a Haircutter Expiration Date

You have a haircutter expiration date

You are a gallon of milk, a chunk of cheese or a chicken breast on a foam tray wrapped in plastic. You have an expiration date. A haircutter is only good for so long and so much. You are only good for so many months or years or so many haircuts. Then you are done.

Knowing and accepting this as a fact of your haircut life sets you up to plan for your end date and use your time well. Make the most of your haircut career and set yourself up for a life after haircutting. Here are my top tips for facing your deadline.

Take care of you – The expression actually is… You can’t take care of them if you do not take care of you. So true. Long term success starts with your personal health and well-being. Eat better, sleep more, get exercise. Schedule your lunch break and take it. Spend time with family, have hobbies. Play as hard as you work.

Change the way you move – Haircutting is filled with repetitive motions. Repetitive motions can lead to injuries. Change up the way you move. Switch to clippers and razors from time to time. Change up your tools. Alter the height of the cutting chair to change the impact on your back and legs. Every little thing you can do to be nicer to you will extend the length of your career.

Cut fewer – If you only have so many cuts in your career, a valuable approach can be to cut fewer each day and cut each and every one for more money. If you are only going to be able to deliver 248,000 haircuts there is a big bottom-line difference between doing each and every one for $10 or doing them for $50. Do the math. Charge more for every haircut that you do.

Plan for retirement – Retirement is on the way. It will be here sooner than you think. Start saving now and save as much as you can. The compounding impact of interest and the increasing value of investments can set you up to have a long and happy retirement with all the money you will need to live at a standard that you prefer. None of that can happen without planning and saving. Start both now.

Have fun – Your career will fly by if you are having fun. Your career will drag on seemingly forever if you are not. Choose to have fun. Look for ways to elevate the fun factor every day and you will never do a day’s work. It might be harder toi let go and say goodbye of it has been a blast. The have fun mindset will serve you well with whatever you choose to do when haircutting time is over.

I hope it is a great adventure. Please reach out. I am happy to help you make the most of your haircutting career no matter how much time you have left.



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