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Will it make the boat go faster?

This week’s topic came from a video. Watch this video at the LINK HERE.

Learn how the UK Olympic rowing team won gold by asking themselves a key question every time they were confronted with a challenge or an opportunity for their team.

Do you have your question? What is your goal?

Some ideas…

Seeking new clients? Will this earn me an new haircut client?

If the answer is yes, do whatever you were considering. If the answer is no, do not do it. It is that simple.

Seeking to sell more take home hair care? Will this sell a bottle of hair care product? That becomes your test questions.

Will this result in this client coming back to me? If retention is your goal, that is your question.

Identify your goal. Ask your question. Then use that question to define your plan and your actions. If an idea is not consistent with your goal and satisfies your question. Do not do it. It is just that simple.

Need help with your question? Need fortitude to commit to the answers?

I am here to help.

Let’s discuss your goal, your question and your action plans.

Reach out this week.



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