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Why IG?

Why Instagram?

Many haircutters are on Instagram.

I see haircutters on Instagram all the time asking for help growing followers.

Why are you on IG?

Why do you want IG followers?

You can’t eat followers.

Barbers following barbers do not buy haircuts from barbers.

I see barbers telling other barbers to buy a fancy camera to take better pics of their work so as to grow followers. Really? Do you really think you need a camera better than an iPhone to take haircut pictures to build business?

If your business is haircuts you already have more camera than you will ever need.

Before you seek to build it, ask yourself why you want it?

50 engaged followers are vastly more valuable than 5,000 disinterested people.

Perhaps it is better to be posted to your clients IG page than posting your client on your own.

If you have 1,000 followers all 1,000 of them know who you are, where you cut hair and what you do.

If your client Bob has 100 followers, likely 95 of them have never heard of you.

Better to take a pic of Bob’s haircut with Bob’s phone and post it to Bob’s IG. Be sure he tags you in it. THAT will likely catch more new eyes and prospective clients than 10 posts on your own page seen by barbers who cut each other’s hair and think they cut better than you, anyway.

Have a clear why before you start.

Be sure what you do is aligned with your why.

Be sure your what and how will make your why happen.

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