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Weekly web classes, Week of June 15

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Ivan Zoot Online class schedule for the week of June 15, 2020

All classes on facebook LIVE –

All classes at 9 am CDT

All classes are approx. 1 hour.

All classes are FREE.

All classes are available for replay until 6 a.m. CDT the following day.

Once deleted, all classes remain available in the academy playlist accessible through Tribe level membership at my online community site at Please sign up there for TONS of ongoing support and education.

Just 3 classes this week.

Monday, June 15 – Top 10 Haircut Client Targeting – Leverage this powerful group

Tuesday, June 16 - The classic taper clipper cut

Wednesday, June 17 – The Fade Haircut

Thursday, June 18 – Specialization in haircutting to build business.

Friday, June 19 - Three Strikes System for missed appointments

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