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Week of 5.18.2020 class schedule

Updated: May 17, 2020

Ivan Zoot

Online pro haircutter webinar classes for the week of May 18, 2020

Here is the plan for next week.

Classes on zoom and

Everyone is welcome.

Join us!

Bring a friend.



Monday 5.18.2020

9 am CST Flattop clipper cut

11 am CST $100k haircutter , by the book.

Tuesday 5.19.2020

9 am CST Revolution cutting – The secrets of the world haircutting record

11 am CST Hair care product application

Wednesday 5.20.2020

9 am CDT skip-guard tapering for haircuts

11 am CST Be green – environmental initiatives for salons and barbershops

Thursday 5.21.2020

9 am CST Clipper clinic #3

11 a.m. CST make the most of a 1st time client

Friday 5.22.2020

9 am CDT Condensed cutting, curve comb cutting

11 AM CDT Tracking and statistics for shops and salons

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