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Week of 5.11.2020 Ivan Zoot online webinar schedule

Join me for another full week of FREE online education for students, educators and haircut pros.

All zoom links are here, plus the classes will be on my facebook page at

Online pro haircutter webinar classes for the week of May 11, 2020

Monday 5.11.2020

9 am CST Feather Razor Cutting

11 am CST How to run on time in the shop

Tuesday 5.12.2020

9 am CST The basics of scissor cutting

11 am CST Haircut membership programs

Wednesday 5.13.2020

9 am CDT Clipper clinic episode #2

11 am CST How to build and execute a charity event for your haircut business

Thursday 5.14.2020

9 am CST Scissor-over-comb hair cutting

11 a.m. CST 100x100 Business building, The 400 Clients you need

Friday 5.15.2020

9 am CDT Men’s haircut razor line and edge

11 AM CDT How to open a barbershop, The things you need to know before you take the leap.

Download the digital version of this list at the LINK HERE

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