Webinars for schools - Schedule for week of 4.6.2020

Cosmetology and Barber schools FREE webinars for elearning.

Look at the schedule and pick a class.

Send me an email with your selection and I will send you the meeting link to share with your student community.

There will be a new schedule every week.

Keep checking back.

You can jump in on as many as you wish - FREE!

Monday 4.6.20 9 a.m. clipper cutting 11 a.m. crossover cos/barber 1 pm clipper cutting Tuesday 4.7.20 9 am clipper cutting 11 am clipper cutting 3 pm clipper cutting Wednesday 4.8.20 9 am clipper cutting 1 PM clipper cutting 3 pm barber/cos crossover Thursday 4.9.20

9 am barber/cos crossover 11 am clipper cutting 1 pm clipper cutting Friday 4.10.20 9 am clipper cutting 11 am barber/cos crossover 1 pm clipper cutting

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