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Web class schedule week of 5.25.2020

Hello all.

Here is my schedule for classes for the week of 5.25.2020

Schools are back is session in some areas and pros are back to work in some states. Congratulations on that. I am continuing to provide FREE educational content.

Please be safe. Protect yourself and your clients.

All classes are 1 hour.

All classes are to be live on line on my page.

There will be no zoom link this week.

Classes will be available for replay until 9 PM CDT the day of the class.

After 9 PM CDT day of class the files will be uploaded and will be in my online academy at Please visit there and subscribe to watch my entire academy of video education.

Monday 5.25.2020

10 m CDT

Haircut client consultations

Tuesday 5.26.2020

10 am CDT

Fitness for haircut professionals

Wednesday 5.27.2020

10 am cdt

Cliipper clinic episode 4 detachable clipper blades

Thursday 5.28.2020

10 am cdt

Small money grows big savings program

Friday 5.29.2020

10 am cdt

Clipper-over-comb haircutting

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