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Turn Your Shampoo Bowl Into a Profit Center

Shampoo Bowl Profits

Do you have a shampoo bowl in your shop? Do you use it? A shampoo bowl can be a profit center and big income generator if leveraged properly. A shampoo bowl at your chair or just one bowl in the back of the shop is begging to earn its keep. Here are my top tips for turning a shampoo bowl from a seldom used, required fixture to a daily source of extra cash.

Shampoo clients a la carte – Many shops do not include the shampoo with a haircut. Offer this a la carte. Make the offer to 100% of your haircuts. Seek initially to close the sale on 50% of your traffic. Do the math. This can be a HUGE add of revenue.

Rinse clients after cutting – We do not charge for the rinse. The rinse does not add actual, countable dollars. It adds experience and value. It creates raving fans sending referrals. It locks in client loyalty. All of that is actually dollars.

Sell conditioning treatments – Turn a small investment into big money. A bottle of deep conditioner might cost you $8 wholesale. You can do 12 conditioning treatments at $12 each. That is $144 in revenue, $136 in profit. Not bad for a few moments and very little effort on your part.

Sell scalp massage – Make the offer with a shampoo service. A small upcharge for a scalp massage is an easy sell and a wonderful experience. This one offer alone will lock in clients and create a steady stream of referrals. Every haircut is a better haircut with a 5 min scalp massage. Charge $1 per minute. That is good money. That is easy money, too.

Offer hair color services – having a shampoo bowl opens up your ability to offer hair color services. Hair color can be some of the highest profit services you could hope to offer. Highlights, grey blending, beard color and more are easy to deliver and bring in big dollars.

How are you making money at the shampoo bowl? Share your strategies and tactics. Reach out for help in implementing ideas that you wish to leverage. I am here to help and happy to help.



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