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Top 10 Best Clients

Know Your Top 10.

Do you know the names of your top 10 haircut clients? You should.

Use your booking app or your client records to identify this powerful group. Use this important group to make impactful decisions about marketing and haircut business building. This top 10 list is your target market. It is your launching point for your next 90 best customers.

Write these names on a piece of paper. Look over the list. What information can you gather from exploring this list?

What do these individuals have in common?

Where do they live?

What work do they do?

How much do they earn?

What is their education level?

What is their hair type?

What is their haircut frequency?

What products do they use?

You can learn a lot from their similarities.

You can learn a lot from their differences, too.

Likely you will have good luck targeting more clients that are more like this group of 10. Understanding who these folks are and why they are your top 10 will help you target more clients who will be as solid and productive for you as these 10 are. The goal is to expand this top 10 to be a top 100 of similar clients. Focus on what you do well. Focus on who you serve best. Focus on where you find the most success. Blow your key niche wide open.

A mini survey of the members of this top 10 group can prove very revealing.

How did you come to learn of me initially?

Why do you keep coming back?

What aspects of my business or service are most appealing to you?

Use this information to do more of what you do best.

Use this information to better serve clients who best support you.

Targeting in this way can be good, positive and productive. Find ways to use data and information that you have readily available to be better informed and more pro-active in your business building.

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