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The Ultimate Satisfaction Haircut Experience

Securing a new client is expensive.

Retailing a new client is critical.

There are some haircut industry best-practices that can be applied to a new client marketing program to dramatically stack the odds in the haircutters favor that new clients will be retained.

We know some things.

We know that it is hard to make a client happy on a first haircut experience.

We know that we learn more about a client’s hair and how to make them happy from a few visits, three to be exact.

We know that if we serve a client three times in a row we are exponentially more likely to retain them long-term.

We know that clients who purchase and use take-home hair care product are more likely to be happy.

We know happy clients stay.

We know happy clients send their friends for haircuts, too.

Let’s use what we know to craft the ultimate haircut experience for first-timers.

Let’s leverage our skills and knowledge so that every first-time client can become a long-term client.

Let’s keep it simple too.

Multiply your haircut price times four.

This is the client cost for your Ultimate Satisfaction Haircut Experience package.

The client will pay this price at the time of booking their first visit.

This Ultimate Satisfaction Haircut Experience package includes the following:

Three haircuts

First appointment is one hour long with comprehensive consultation.

Haircuts 2 and 3 are book at the end of haircut number one before the client departs. They are pre-paid with the package. Next two visits are FREE (already paid for).

Client goes home with 1 bottle of appropriate professional shampoo.

Client goes home with 1 appropriate professional styling product. Both of these products are built into the package.

Client goes home with 4 business cards for passing to friends as referrals. Each of these 4 cards are good for a FREE referral reward haircut when their friend buys their own Ultimate Satisfaction Haircut Experience.

Client receives a paper and pen thank you note mailed the day of their first haircut.

Client receives an email, text or phone call just before haircut number two.

This will work.

This will work really well.

We know this.

Now, go do it.

These is ZERO downside to trying this.

Do it.



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