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The Italian Connection / Collection

This is the bog three Italian connection form John Amico Hair care for short hair.

If you love short... and who does not...

And you love firm hold... and... and what short hair does not?

This is a great set.

There is something for every and any short look in this powerful trio.

Gel Fix is a very firm hold gel. All day hold. Super shine on wet hair.

Stick-Up is a firm formula wax.

Ideal for buzz cut, spike top and other short clipper styles. Also superb as a control product for longer hair and fly-aways.

Pay Gum is just that. Fun to play for awesome texture, separation and piecy-ness. I like to think of texture products in the play gum category as "hand applied hair spray" as to the nature of the piece and play game that is reminiscent of spritz hair spray work form the 1980s.

Use the big blue button link in the header to purchase any or all of these three great items direct from JA. Or use the LINK HERE.

Your short hair never rocked this hard.

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