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The 25/5 Rule for Career Success

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet is known for his 25/5 system for career success.

The system is simple and can be a valuable tool for anyone’s career.

Simply put, start with a piece of paper and list the top 25 goals you have for your personal career success. In step two, order the 25 from the top down by priority. Put your most important goal at the top and order them down to the least at number 25. Next draw a line below item number five on your list. Now cross off all of the items from 6 through 25 and never look at or think about those items ever again.

The system is all about focus. The system is all about priority.

Things from 6 through 25 on your list will just get in the way of you focusing on and accomplishing items 1 through 5.

For more information look HERE for an article about the system.

Watch the video HERE for an alternate version of the concept explained in a great and simple way.

Have a great week.


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